Are you wondering how to furnish your new place? The flats in the Kesselbauer project have all the prerequisites to make your taste and style stand out. You can inspire yourself by the original interior solution created by a renowned studio, Molto Bello. Please come in.

Tailored Stylish Furniture

You will surely agree that a luxury home deserves a luxurious and original interior. That is why the model flat was furnished with tailored furniture that perfectly fits into the generous space with its shape and disposition. The suggestive impression from the interior is accentuated with standalone furniture pieces and accessories by the world’s finest brands.

Perfect Harmony of Colours

The model flat draws attention at first sight not only by its furnishing, but also by its gentle and sophisticated colour palette. The interior of the model flat is defined by elegant pastel colours in non-intrusive neutral tones, which perfectly match the black accents with Viennese braid.

Technical Features

You probably won’t notice most of them, but you will definitely feel them as they increase the comfort of your living. Like all flats in the Kesselbauer project, the model flat features air conditioning, heated bathroom mats, outdoor blinds, and aluminium windows.

Timeless Elegance

Bright space, original furniture, luxurious equipment, and appealing colours form a harmonic whole with a high aesthetic value. With its concept and design, the model flat represents timeless elegance, one of the primary attributes of our project.

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